I've been programming for professionally for 25 years, and personally for closer to 40. These days, most of my time is spent in architecture and design, but sometimes I still the chance to create a little utility to help with a task, or a playground project to entertain myself.


CLI utility/Node.js library for querying delimited or fixed-width files
Tiny HTTP sink that dumps incoming requests to the console
Fail-fast wrapper for managing environment variables
CLI utility for replacing values in XML files using XPath expressions
Library providing a couple of simple utilities for managing file paths


Because the world needed yet another implementation of Conway's Game of Life
A new endeavour that I'm attempting to develop: writing. Writing code is easy. Writing words are less so. Hopefully the contents below will grow and improve.


JavaScript Basics

JavaScript? Node? ES6? V8?
Here's your word salad decoder ring for the JavaScript world
You're already using them, but what are they?
Callbacks and the Event Loop
A simple introduction to asynchronous functionality

Software Engineering

The Little Service That Could
How do you make a trivial service something to be proud of?
Dates Are Simple
But only if you make them that way